Atlantic County Skyblazers

Founded 1945 to further model aviation activities


Club History

Almost seventy years ago, in August of 1945, a group of Model Airplane flyers was seeking to form a new model plane club. They contacted Mr. Robert McCurdy, Youth Director of the Central YMCA of Atlantic city, in their search for a place to meet and organize. With the help of Mr. McCurdy, a meeting room was found, and the facilities of the YMCA were offered to the group. The members in turn contributed to the “Y” by sponsoring Friday night teen dances and similar activities.

The Club was named the “The Atlantic City Sky Blazers” as almost everyone lived in Atlantic City. Later, as more modelers from surrounding areas joined, the name became “The Atlantic County Sky Blazers." John Manning was elected the first president and Joseph Bligh became the Secretary-Treasurer. John remained in the area, became a building contractor. Joe, who designed the club emblem, later moved to California where he worked as an aeronautical engineer for Northrop Aviation.

As the year passed, the Sky Blazers flew every type of model from control stunt (very popular) to control line speed, free flight gas, gliders, indoor and outdoor rubber. Our club members competed in contests all over including the Nationals. They scored many wins including a National endurance record in indoor rubber, and a National first place in precision RC aerobatics.

With the progress and improvements being made in radio control technology, more and more Sky Blazers became interested in flying “without wires." Today, of course, radio control accounts for about 95% of our flying activity. The club has had many flying sites over the years. Some in Atlantic city, one behind the Tilton Road inn, one on Stockton college grounds, and one at Renault Winery’s back yard until it was displaced by a golf course. The present day field is a full scale grass field airport operated by the NJ Forestry Service off Highway 322.