SAM Spring 2015 at Strawberry Field


Since both events last year were rightly cancelled ,we were not happy to see the “ not forecasted” winds begin to blow  up to 30 mph gusts from about 8:00am to 12:00noon. This,of course ,effected the scores of early flyers but began to inspire others,---- and then the fun began.

Skys cleared to a limitless blue,lift was present. We began to max. Two planes lost,one found. The only fly-off was in LER Electric.Three flyers posted 18 minutes,17 minutes and lost. It was fun to watch.

There were plenty of old friends around and many interested guests.There were motors to buy and the Special Surprise Awards were Forster ign engines donated by Howard Bueschel. They were for Most flights flown,Ohlsson Sideport and ½ A Texaco.

Look for our ad in Sam Speaks,July/August. Above all come out on 2 August-Checkout your Brown Jr for that one.

Joe Pro won the Electric flyoff

Ed Milewski was 1st in ½ A Scale

Ken Bagdon was leader in ½ A Scale

Mike Salvador copped LER Ignition 1st

John Saunders took first in LER Glow

Roy Hulse got first in Ohlsson

Steve Boucher won LER Brown Jr.

All flyers were influenced by the wind but all proclaimed A GREAT DAY !