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Founded 1945 to further model aviation activities

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ALES - August 28 & 29, 2015

ALSE Picture

Weather was good, and we had good attendance. Above are the guys with their little sailplanes.  A very low-key but fun contest.


SAM August 2, 2015 at Strawberry (click for photos)

Twentythree pilots signed in for the event. We had to cancel our 27th attempt last year,but finally got it in.
Weather could only be described as perfect,although a bit warm. Lift was present. Wind changes of 180 were confusing in early afternoon after being steady at 3-7mph in the morning.
Ohlsson Sideport attracted only three fliers. Steve Boucher won that one. Warren Avis and Dan Schneider followed.
Brown Jr: Ray Forceno was first with 3) maxes and he took home the “Miss Delaware” built by Charles Thuet who was at the presentation. Charlie was a good friend of Steve Kowalik. Steve designed the aircraft in 1936 and won the Junior Motors Trophy with it in a meet at Hadley Field,NJ. The original Brown Jr. from his plane was also presented to Ray Forceno. The trophy was dedicated again in 1992 as the “Steve Kowalik Memorial Trophy”. It was decided by flyers at our meet that it will be used to identify the First Place winner in subsequent SAM12 Annual Meets In the Brown Jr.LER event. Ray also received a copy of Kowalik’s original plan,a custom prop, an envelope with some memories of Steve and a transmitter, fly the “Miss Delaware”. Mike Salvadore and Ed Milewski took second and third.
½ A Texaco and Scale boasted seven flyers,great weather for it. Ray Forceno also won this one with a“hybrid”,Cox and electric pods. Georgeous! Salvador “Jr” got second,Ed Milewski was 3rd.
“Jr” was first in the LER Ignition event with his Diesel A ship. Warren Avis was 2nd,Boucher was 3rd.
Eleven contestants flew in our LER Electric event with 6 making the flyoff. 3 landed off field. Dick Bartkowski won it. Joe Pro and Ray Forceno ( him again ) rounded it out.
Mike Salvador won LER glow with only 2 maxes. John Saunders and Ken Bagdon followed up. Hugo Mercoli posted only one max,but we were happy to see him back!
Special prizes awarded were donated Ohlsson 23’s from Howard Bueschel’s collection. Very much appreciated by winners who promised to build for the Sideport event.
Most flights scored- Mike Salvador.  Ohlsson Sideport total of flights 1&2, Steve Boucher. Second place LER ignition, Warren Avis.
Many SAM dignitaries were on hand. Skyblazers turned out to help where needed. Ed and I commend Mike Schall for registration and scoring and we thank our wives for prep of food and drink. Thank you Skyblazers for use of Strawberry Field.
                                                                             Roy Wilson,CD


SAM Spring 2015

(compliments Ron Lockart. Posted 3/27/2015)

Flying Indoors at Lakehurst

Cloud Rangers

Cloud Ranger balsa kits built by club members in 2014.