The Past Present and Future of Yoga Inspired Loungewear

How are you planning on presenting yourself to the world today? Are you going to dress for fashion or do you plan on going for comfort? Will you go for a more flashy look or something suited to a graceful run on forest trails? Most people ask themselves these and similar questions on a regular basis. But there’s been some recent changes to the fashion world that makes it a lot easier to answer.

Yoga inspired loungewear is a new trend which combines great looks and equally great flexibility. Much of it even has durability that will let someone look and feel great whether they’re indoors or out. It’s a new fashion trend that helps people get the most out of their clothing. However, it’s not always the easiest concept to understand at first glance. We need to look into a few aspects of both the clothing style and the industry as a whole.

Looking into a rough definition of yoga inspired loungewear

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It’s not always easy to define yoga inspired loungewear. It’s often said that people can’t really define art. Instead, everyone just knows it when they see it. You probably know what comfortable loungewear is. Yoga inspired loungewear is somewhat similar in a way. There’s really no overarching criteria with which people can objectively categorize it. Nobody can walk into a store with a checklist and firmly define any given item as yoga loungewear or not. Instead, it’s best to consider a few important points which need to be taken in as a whole.

The original point of yoga cloths

One of the first things we need to touch on is the original use of yoga clothing. As the name suggests, yoga clothing was initially popularized as a way to do yoga. People who haven’t actually done yoga might find this a little confusing at first. People often think about yoga as a fairly relaxed activity where there’s not much movement. Movies and TV tend to show yoga as little more than sitting in a lotus position.

In reality yoga can be an incredibly demanding form of physical and mental fitness. Yoga clothing needs to fit into every type of yoga. The clothing needs to adapt to the peaceful, but physically straining positions like a full lotus. But it also needs to be able to keep up with any rapid shifts in position. The clothing needs to be comfortable, but at the same time it needs to offer proper support. And of course there’s always the issue of sweat. A good workout will usually result in some heavy sweating. But clothing should never feel like a damp and cold sponge pressed against the body. You’ve probably noticed that this is a rather demanding feature set. The sheer demands placed on them are part of the reason why yoga clothing took a while to really come into its own. Thankfully the fashion and material design needs would eventually match the demand.

How clothing intended for yoga evolved to meet more needs

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You may have noticed an important point about the previous description of yoga clothing. The clothing isn’t designed for anything which happens exclusively in a yoga studio. It’s true that people tend to see the extremes of mind and body come up while practicing yoga. But at the same time, any of those things might occur during the course of one’s day. Yoga clothing is basically lightweight clothing which can hold up to almost any event in your life.

It didn’t take too long before people who weren’t interested in yoga caught on to that fact. Women’s fashion in particular is often rather low on real world sturdiness. The idea of clothing which would actually help them get through the day is quite intriguing. As more people started wearing yoga clothing outside of a yoga studio something else became clear. Yoga clothing has an undeniably fun aesthetic.

Eventually fashion companies stepped in to make a good thing even better. They took the physical nature of yoga clothing and added in some more fun flourishes. This gave people a chance to shop for clothing that combined the style of modern fashion with the sturdiness of yoga clothing. It was a huge breakthrough for the fashion industry. Yoga loungewear is basically clothing that’s great for both relaxing and high levels of physical activity.

The marketing angles

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The marketing side of yoga loungewear is also quite interesting. Many companies have realized just how much demand there is for activewear and yoga based loungewear. The closest analogue in recent times are sweatpants. But few people would put someone in sweatpants as a focus for fashion shoots. Yoga clothing is another thing entirely though. Yoga clothing looked great even when it was just focused on athletics. Now that there’s been a drive for fashion the clothing lines look even better.

Yoga inspired loungewear can look amazing. It can emphasize the physical form in ways that few other types of clothing are capable of. And in general the effect is usually fantastic. Sweatpants are the perfect example of clothing that feels good. But there’s a huge downside to having clothing you essentially need to change out of before going anywhere. And it’s hardly something which companies can market as part of a fashion line. Sweatpants are sweatpants and there’s not much to do with them.

Yoga inspired loungewear on the other hand can be taken in almost any direction. You can use various ways to promote it, starting with a Facebook campaign, SEO optimization, and good PR articles in respected magazines, like Elle, Esquire, or Cosmopolitan.

It can be leveraged as something to relax in. And the same brand could be the perfect choice for a day of exercise. Someone tossing yoga clothing on to relax at home might get an invitation to go out. And instead of needing to change they can be sure they’ll look great as is.

It all comes together as a way to enjoy life

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In short, yoga inspired clothing creates a way to live life to its fullest. You don’t have to be constrained by your clothing choices anymore. Instead, yoga clothing makes life easier and more fun.

Yoga clothing helps people be more active when out and more restful when staying in. And it has enough variations that you can have a lot of fun looking through the various styles. It’s easy to see why yoga inspired clothing has changed the fashion industry so much in such a short amount of time.


Loungewear for everybody

Loungewear has become immensely popular largely due to the fact, that it’s purpose is to make us comfortable and that’s just what we all love, don’t we?

Few fashion styles had such a fast start and it keeps spreading like a wildfire. Everyone seems to enjoy soft and comfy materials, original cuts and great designs.

No matter how much you enjoy wearing your bow and tie, we don’t believe that you don’t exhale from relief when you dress to your comfy cotton t-shirt and trainers. Just saying :).

No matter where you live – English countryside or Upper East Side of New York, we bet you love your tees and sweatshirts more than your designer button-up shirt buttoned all the way up to your neck.

And you know what? Actually, loungewear is getting more and more mainstream and great designers are lining up to add to the movement. They come up with great ideas and original designs to make our lives not only more comfortable but also more stylish and creative. I don’t know about you, but I just love it.